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Raised Floor Systems

Legrand - Raised Floor Systems -
Soluflex – a system of raised floor tiles and supports that integrate with connection points for power and data to provide ultimate flexibility in ever-changing commercial environments.

Raised Floor Systems

Raised floor
Raised server room floors are the hallmark of the high-availability enterprise data center,
and with good reason. For many companies, the presentation of their data center is an important part of facility tours for key customers. Data centers and server rooms without raised floors are perceived as being incomplete or less than state of the art.
The raised flooring within server rooms was developed to provide the following:

  • A distribution system for conditioned cold air
  • Tracks, conduits, and/or supports for data cabling
  • Conduits for power cabling
  • A copper ground grid for grounding of equipment
  • A location to run chilled water and/or other CRAC piping

Needs for conditioned cold air and power distribution contribute to the popularity of raised floors. Both operations people and server room design firms value the flexibility that is provided by raised floor systems. Regarding power requirements, the number of branch circuits per square foot in today's data center is much greater than in the past. In most cases, it is easier to install and maintain under-floor branch circuits than ceiling-mounted branch circuits. Although, a recent trend is to utilize a power and data cable pathway as part of the cabinet system. This effectively reduces the cable quantities under the raised floor, thereby allowing for greater open space dedicated to air distribution. In general, raised server room floors are a predictable and practical design option for most facilities.
From installing raised server room floors to monitoring increasing power requirements, PTS Data Center Solutions is the ideal provider for planning and designing server rooms and helping to maintain and monitor them once installation in complete. For results you can count on, let PTS continue to serve you throughout the implementation and maintenance process.

Soluflex Image

The latest addition to Legrand's cable management range is Soluflex – a system of raised floor tiles and supports that integrate with connection points for power and data to provide ultimate flexibility in ever-changing commercial environments.


The system is quick and easy to install, provides maximum design freedom and will save contractors time and money.

Installation simply involves placing supports on the floor and then clicking the durable steel tiles into place, a process that requires neither glue nor screws. Once laid, the cabling and connections can be installed between the supports by simply removing the relevant tiles. The finished installation can then be covered with any type of floor covering and, if the office layout changes, the entire system can be reconfigured and re-used.

Soluflex allows for the creation of well organised, multifunctional rooms, where users will always have enough connection points. What’s even more impressive is that, at the design stage, this product has such flexibility and adaptability that it’s no longer necessary to keep track of the connection points for power and data. Instead, the cabling can be installed anywhere under the entire floor and the location of contact points can be determined at any stage.

Soluflex also offers considerable time and cost saving due to the fact that floors and cables can be installed virtually simultaneously. Additionally, the supports and tiles are wear-resistant, offering long-term savings, and adding or restructuring connection points can be done in a matter of minutes, often without cutting or breaking cables.

To order your copy of the Soluflex brochure please click here, and for enquries on Legrand Soluflex access floring systems, email us at or use our query submission page (Support) and we would get back to you.

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