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Network Security Management
- UTM appliance includes
Stateful Inspection Firewall, Gateway Anti-spam, Gateway Anti-virus and Anti-spyware Intrusion Prevention System – IPS and Web and Application Filter.

Systems Productivity &
Bandwidth Management Systems
- VPN (SSL VPN & IPSec), Bandwidth Management, Multiple Link Load Balancing & Gateway Failover and
Reporting module over a single platform.

Network Security Management Systems Productivity & Bandwidth Management Systems

External threats like spyware, phishing, pharming, viruses and more are targeting the individual user, extracting corporate and personal confidential information or turning their devices into parts of massive botnets to further the attack. In addition, internal users are compromising enterprise security out of ignorance or malicious intent and are posing the single largest threat to enterprise security.  

Individual security solutions, while dealing with different aspects of threats, do not give adequate and rapid response to threats. A Unified Threat Management solution provides comprehensive protection to enterprises with tightly integrated multiple security features working together on a single appliance. A single UTM appliance makes it very easy to manage an enterprise’s security strategy, with just one device to manage, one source of support and single way to set up and maintain every aspect of its security solution. A UTM solution is highly cost-effective and offers a centralized console that enables monitoring of network security at remote locations.

Identity-based controls and visibility are critical components of network security. With identity and network data combined, enterprises are able to identify patterns of behavior by specific users or groups that can signify misuse, unauthorized intrusions, or malicious attacks from inside or outside the enterprise. Activities and security policy rules can be enforced on network segments based on identity.

Cyberoam – Unified Threat Management Cyberoam is the leading provider of identity-based Unified Threat Management network security solutions for small, medium and large enterprises.

The Cyberoam UTM appliance includes
Stateful Inspection Firewall,
Bandwidth Management,
Multiple Link Load Balancing & Gateway Failover and
Reporting module over a single platform.
Cyberoam offers the subscription services of Gateway Anti-virus and Anti-spyware,
Gateway Anti-spam,
Intrusion Prevention System – IPS and
Web and Application Filter.  

Cyberoam provides the most comprehensive, zero-hour protection that is cost-effective and easy-to-manage to enterprises with its highly integrated solutions like the Stateful Inspection firewall, Gateway Anti-virus and Anti-spyware, Gateway anti-spam, intrusion prevention system and Content filtering. Cyberoam firewall vpn appliance offers secure, encrypted tunnels for secure remote access to the mobile workforce to the central network in enterprises.

Cyberoam’s Active-Active High Availability provides efficient, continuous access to business-critical applications, information, and services. Active-Active HA increases overall network performance by sharing the load of processing network traffic between two Cyberoam appliances and providing continued security by eliminating the problem of single point failure. The cluster appears to your network to be a single device, adding increased performance without changing your network configuration.

Primary appliance acts as the load balancer and load balances all the TCP communications including TCP communications from Proxies but will not load balance VPN traffic   Identity-based Security - Patent Pending Technology Cyberoam is the only identity-based UTM that offers a combination of user identification and comprehensive security. It enables enterprises to not just create policies by the user, but also offers complete reporting with user identity. Such complete visibility into “Who is doing What” allows enterprises to identify the user even in dynamic DHCP and Wi-Fi environments or where people function on shared devices, allowing enterprises to take proactive measures to security.

With Cyberoam, the user identity goes beyond authentication and runs through the entire feature set, offering an unprecedented degree of visibility and flexibility in the enterprise.   Authentication Cyberoam supports multiple authentication methods like LDAP authentication, Active Directory and RADIUS authentication. It supports Automated Single Sign-On, thus eliminating the need for explicit manual login. When Cyberoam is integrated with ADS / PDC, the enterprise users can avail the Single Sign-On functionality thus logging into Cyberoam transparently.   User/MAC Address Binding Cyberoam is the only solution offering User-MAC Address binding that binds the username to the computer, preventing unauthorized network access by abusing someone else’s network rights. This delivers greater security and data confidentiality.  

Enterprise-class security solution Integrated High Availability feature of Cyberoam appliances maximizes network uptime and ensures uninterrupted access. These network security appliances offer Dynamic Routing that provides rapid uptime, increased network throughput with low latencies and easy configuration, supporting rapid network growth. Cyberoam’s VLAN capability enables large enterprises to create work profile-based policies across distributed networks from a centralized location or head office.   Centralized Management and Identity-based Reporting Cyberoam offers centralized security to enterprises by delivering complete control over globally distributed networks through the Cyberoam Central Console.

Enterprises enjoy zero-hour protection at branch offices against emerging network attacks despite the lack of technical resources at these locations.   Cyberoam offers a range of identity-based reports, including broad overview as well as drill down information related to user activity and threat incidence, ensuring regulatory compliance and short audit cycles. Enterprises can quickly summarize security threats on the network and fine-tune policies for instant preventive action, creating advanced levels of security and productivity.















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