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Case Study

We have been providing Enterprise Cabling Solutions since 1994. Our team is composed of committed professionals with backgrounds in Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Commercial Construction, Computer Networking and Technologies. Quality service, the highest cabling standards, continuous education and the value we deliver in all aspects of Data/Voice/video cabling and networking expands our extensive client list.
In order to ensure that current and future requirements are encompassed in any solution that is proposed, the River Valley Communications team works together with the customer throughout the entire analysis and design process. This ensures a very good synergy with the client, as well as enabling us to be responsive to the specific needs of different clients.

The emergence of new networking technologies has created numerous protocols, media types and data signaling technologies that can be managed through a structured cabling system. Presently, it appears that high-speed, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable has become the preference of network engineers and an industry standard. River Valley Technologies has both the technical knowledge and the practical experience required for both the installation and maintenance of such network cabling systems..

Few Key Projects completed Successfully

  1. Hindustan Latex Limited – A Govt. of India undertaking with a turnover of more than Rs. 500 crore. With 3 plants (each spread over an area of 25 hectares) and a corporate office. Total workforce more than 3500. Structured Cabling done at all the above-mentioned plants and corporate office. Total number of nodes more than 1350, with a 5 km fiber optic backbone, and a total order value of Rs. 56 lakh.

  2. Dataware Design Labs Pvt. Ltd. (Currently held by Leela Group of Companies in Bombay) Situated in Technopark Campus, a premier software development centre headquartered in Dallas, USA. 5-storied building covering a built-up area of more than 100000 sq ft.. Structured Cabling done with Voice and Data cabling – Total number of Data Nodes was 700 and Voice Nodes, 250. Total order value is US$ 50000

  3. Asianet Communications Limited – a Rs. 500 crore premier broadband communication network with more than 10 cable channels transmitting round- the-clock vernacular language transmissions. Strucured Cabling done for their corporate and administrative office complex in Trivandrum – total area spread 25000 sq. ft. with a total of 800 Data Nodes and 450 Voice Nodes.

  4. Malayalam Communications Limited (Kairali TV) – a Rs 300 crore project in Trivandrum involved in the production and telecast of vernacular language TV Transmission, Structured cabling done for their corporate, administrative and accounts office and studio complex covering a total area of more than 60000 sq ft. Total Data Nodes 300, Voice Nodes 200.

  5. Hotel Le-Meridian a luxury five-star hotel situated in Cochin with more than 250 rooms and a built-up area of more than 500000 sq ft. having 8 floors. Structured Cabling done with fiber backbones. Total number of nodes in the first phase includes 170 Data and 700 Voice nodes.

  6. TKM Group of Institutions - TKM College of Engineering, Kollam; Musialiar College of Engineering, Pathanamthitta; TKM Soft, Kollam. Structured cabling services rendered to all their institutions. Total value worth 30 lakh

  7. Kerala State industrial Development Corporation - A premier Govt. institution for promotion of Industrial Growth sponsored by the Govt. of Kerala. Enterprise cabling solutions provided for at the Corporate and Head office and divisional office at Ernakulam.- total nodes 400 value worth Rs. 17 lakh.

  8. Geojit Financial Services Limited, Finance Towers, Ernakulam, Cochin- Structured cabling for voice and data for their Corporate office Complex at Finance Towers in Kaloor- Total Cat 6 Data nodes 750 and Voice Nodes 600. Developing their Data Center- with Raised Flooring and Network and Server and Telecommunication Rack installation for Reuters Global Stock Trading Centre. Backbone fiber installation to their second facility nearby with node strength totaling 200. We have been their network infrastructure consultants since 2001.

  9. Mar Basilous College of Engineering Technology- a group concern under the Mar Ivanious, Bethany hills, Trivandrum. Total Number of 800 nodes in the first phase cabling for their computing labs. They are in the process of building up an enterprise lan linking all departments on fiber. –Total project outlay Rs. 35 lakhs.

  10. US Software Technology, Technopark Trivandrum – one of the biggest software export house headquartered in the US with a staff strength of more than 1000. Structured cabling systems integration done for one of their labs for more than 250 nodes for their newer development site at Bhavani in Technopark.

  11. Saintgits College of Engineering – An institution of eminence situated in Pathamuttom, Chingavanam, Kottayam District. 160 Nodes with fiber links between buildings. Structured cabling and systems integration done to connect various departments and labs of the institution. This institution is in the process of expansion and a project to add up another 700 nodes and fiber connectivity which is progressing.

    Update: Currently this phase has been completed and the total node strength has gone up to 750 nodes. The installation spans over different administrative blocks and consists of numerous fiber backbones.

  12. Network up-gradation project in Regional Research laboratory (RRL), Pappanamcode Trivandrum- A research organization under the Centre for Industrial and Scientific Research (CSIR) of Govt. of India. Partial campus wiring, switching up-gradation and adding 150 Nodes to the existing network of around 200 nodes.

    Update: Currently numerous phases of installation have been completed and the current strength of the entire enterprise is over 350 nodes wth fiber backbone connecting the various blocks. The institution also houses tailored solutions of SAN and Unified Threat Management Systems.

  13. Villa Group of Companies of the Republic of Maldives – Villa as it’s popularly known is one of the largest business group in the Republic with an annual turnover of more than 2 Billion US$. Their business involves shipping, cement, poultry, travel, tourism, hotels & resorts, hospitality, inland transport, information technology and communication. We were designing and consulting the following project.

    1. Dirraggue – the biggest mobile and landline communication provider in the republic owned by the government. We undertook the design and implementation of their core datacenter with more than 3400 node on cat6 cabling. Other projects in the offing are up gradation of physical security of the datacenter. Project cost 1 million US$

    2. Paradise Island Resort – the oldest and the most popular five star island resorts with more than 400 rooms. We designed and consulted and assisted in the implantation of network up gradation of their network and communication lines using cat 6 and fiber optics. The island resort was partially damaged on tsunami and all the water bungalows were rebuilt with the most advanced features and communication faculties. Project cost 246000 US$

    3. Paradise Airport – project under construction for the inland air transport fully owned by the Villa group. We have been working with the project which will be completed in Aug. 2008.

    4. Fun Island Resort – An island resort of the Villa group. Project nearing completion. We were offered the design and installation of the cabling system for data, voice and video and fiber backbones for the resort.

    5. Corporate office of the Villa group companies - a 12 story builing housing individual offices villa group. Total nodes on voice and data are 700. Project completed on schedule. US$ 100000

    6. Sun Island resort – The Biggest 5 star hotel in the republic in terms and occupancy. We completed the installation of voice data and video requirements of the resort. Project completed as per schedule. US$ 200000

  14. Datacenter in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Aloula Geojit Brokerage Company, a joint venture of Geojit Financial Services in India. This project has been completed and total vaue holds upto SAR 2.2 million. We expect larger revenue from Geojit relationship as they have merged with Bank Nationale de Paris (BNP).

















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